Express your feelings, gain trust – Audio-Tweet your voice!

No emoticon will ever replace the feelings that are carried by your voice :)

Do you really believe that you followers are the ones in their profile images? Male or female, as they pretend to be? How could you possibly know, if you never met them in person? Well, you could hear their voice and feel more comfortable :)

If you tweet yourself and you want to let your followers know how you feel, you could write a lot and stuff everything with emoticons. Or you could let them hear your voice and send an audio tweet. With today’s technologies this is as easy as opening a web page and click a button:

And for the fun, you can enrich your content with audio :) Here you can hear that you can trust my voice :D

This was even a thing back in the days, sending audio tweets. As I checked one link after the other I suppose, the hype was never there or it was over before it started. But as the internet changes, we don’t know how the new generation will see this „today“. This article here is from 2011 – this is like talking about a prehistoric internet ;) So will sending Audio Tweets be a thing again? Seems as if Twitter itself has an eye on this, creating the possibility to broadcast audio only some month ago – for iOS only. Probably there will be more.

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