[UPDATE] Yes, It’s a bug: Chrome 53 broke the Device Motion Events.

In the last days more and more interesting changes happen around the „DeviceMotionEvent“ especially the properties „acceleration“ and „rotationRate“ which until few days ago worked seamlessly in Chrome on Android.

When using the same acceleration API today, there suddenly are only NULL values from the sensors „acceleration“ and „rotationRate“ (see screenshot):

Even when you want to try out the sensors on googles own pages, you suddenly get this 404:

Then you remember that there was a jump test two days ago to show you the maximum acceleration of your device. But today, on the 2th of October, any acceleration test is missing from googles pages. All of them updated on the 30th of September and with the hints to the test still online (see screenshot):

Now, what is all this about? Any idea? YES, read below:


The question about IF this is a bug in Chrome 53 is solved: yes, this is a bug in Chrome 53. Giovanni Panaro from Google Chrome Help Forum answered:
„[…] it appears they are working on it. Hopefully it is rolled out in Chrome 54.“

Now I sincerely wonder, how this (and other similar bugs) slipped through QA before going public. And now imagine your business would rely on this functionality…

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