[PATCH] IceBB „skin“ SQL Injection Vulnerability

On Secunia: IceBB „skin“ SQL Injection Vulnerability


A possible solution until a patch is available is to use SEQ_SANITIZE from seq_lib. With the described method
none of the found security flaws can be used for an attack.

[B]This is not an official patch! Test this patch before using it in productive environments! As soon as an official patch is released, use it![/B]

1. Download seq_lib
2. Upload seq_lib on the server.
3. Configure the seq_lib-path (if not standard).
4. Include seq_lib in „index.php“.

[B]SEQ_SANITIZE – Variable list with expected properties:[/B]

<br />
//              VARIABLE NAME               # SOURCE#  TYPE #  MIN  #  MAX      # XSS      &#038;

$sanitizer '  skin                          #   pg  #   STR #      #   30   #       &#038;';
?><br />

[B]SEQ_SANITIZE – Description:[/B]

SOURCE: p=POST g=GET s=SESSION c=COOKIE (REQUEST is always sanitized)
TYPE: integer,float=INT string=STR
MIN: integer,float: minimal number | string: minimal length
MAX: integer,float: maximal number | string: maximal length
XSS: true=perform xss-prevention

The list of variables which must be sanitized can be extended by adding more lines. Take care to not forget
the boundary characters between the params (#) and at the end of every line (&). In case you do, please send me a copy
to help other user also get secure.

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